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Project Details

The plot is east facing with Size 2925 Sqft with built up of 4300 Sqft.

The house functions are spread across two floors with planned landscaped spaces surrounding the residence, merging the greens with the architecture of the house. The ground floor is approached by an entrance that leads to the foyer. An internal green Courtyard welcomes the visitors/ residents to the house, lending the interiors an open, fresh feel. The formal living room and the family and dining space are planned on either side of this courtyard. The ground floor also accommodates a kitchen, a Pooja room and two bedrooms. As one move upstairs to the first floor, the staircase opens into the family sitting area and a bedroom planned on the other side of it. Two more bedrooms are planned on this floor. Luxurious materials, coupled with a subtle color palette help the interiors achieve a look of luxury and add richness to the design. Various artworks, chosen especially to suit the interior design language find their place in the residence.

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