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Project Details

The plot is North East Corner with Size 1200 Sqft with built up of 4100 Sqft.

Located in a typical Indian neighborhood characterized by busy streets and proximity to other residences, the plot area for B-One necessitated an introverted building typology. The ground floor houses the entrance foyer, the living room, the family room, dining space, kitchen and a bedroom. A Puja room has also been included as part of the courtyard, making the puja room and the courtyard the nucleus of the house. The first floor accommodates a media room, two bedrooms, a deck. The elevation has been given a unique treatment to complement the introverted planning of the residence with a blank wall with a dispersion of openings for the front fa├žade. A sculptural element has been nestled between the roof and the ground below giving the residence a strong visual identity on the street. The contrast between the blank wall and the sculpted object is articulated in terms of materiality and form which helps stage one against the other.

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