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Project Details

The plot is west facing with Size 1500 Sqft with built up of 4200 Sqft.

The staggered internal spaces, double height volumes, fenestration and visual links add an interesting dimension to the overall subtle design of the residence Located in the middle of a densely populated middle-class neighborhood, the residence holds a compact plot of 1500 sqft with only one free road facing side to the north. The main challenge was to design the project in such a way that it stood out amongst the neighboring houses while being subtle and complementing the street character. The fa├žade design effectively achieved that purpose. The elevation is alleviated by creating tiny: and shallow, offsets on either side of the building so that it appears to be free of its neighbors. The offsets themselves hold lights so as to enhance this illusion at night. The entrance to the north west accommodates a dominating white cube overhead which seems to be floating in mid-air, breaking the rigidity that its solidity might have offered. The terrace on the first level also enables the creation of a compact parking space on the ground floor, a rarity in the locality where private parking isn’t given much thought. The staircase block is also located on the road-facing side and is shielded for privacy by granite louvers that give a filtered view of the person using it. The frontage is set back by about 4 feet to accommodate planters.

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