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Project Details

The plot is North facing with Size 2000 Sqft with built up of 4300 Sqft.

The residence makes complete use of the surrounding lush greenery, incorporating it intrinsically within the design of the house. Designed for a couple and their 2 children.The house was designed keeping in mind the location, which the architect(s) used to their advantage, creating vantage points at each location for the residents to enjoy views of the natural landscape outside. This further lead to the design of the façade, which was an extension of the plan itself. The façade is a delicate play of balance between light and heavy materials. A bold frame of concrete is arranged in a way that it seems supported by glass. This interesting composition is continued throughout, making for a unique exterior, complemented by the green surroundings provided generously by the site. The planning of the residence is otherwise done in a simple, minimal manner with a central aisle having different spaces on either side and creating pockets of courtyards within.

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