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Checklist For Hiring A Reputable Commercial Contractor

Checklist | HR Construction solution| Bangalore

Engaging a commercial contractor for your company can be a risk when you have no previous knowledge of business construction or renovation. You must ensure that the company you’re hiring has an excellent market reputation. It is also essential for the contractor to understand what you want. Following is a list of points to consider when hiring a general commercial contractor in Bangalore.

Define Your Project

If you’ve not defined the structure of your commercial remodelling or construction project, it can be challenging to determine if you’re hiring the right commercial contractor. Making a thorough plan of the structure and layout of your commercial construction project in Bangalore and doing a walk-through for potential clients will enable them to submit bids more precisely. It’s also beneficial to include a list of required fixtures such as finishes, institutions, and appliances that will help keep the project within budget and on schedule.

Get More Than One Estimate

Break eggs to create an omelette, and then you need to get several estimations from contractors for commercial work to determine the most suitable company to do the task. In writing, it is essential to receive three or more estimates for the construction task. The ideal company for your job might not be the most affordable, and the top quality might not be the most expensive. Commercial project managers who are successful are cautious about bids they believe are too extreme or too high, or low, and it is best to steer clear of recommendations that are too high or low. When you get several estimates written down, you will be able to gain more information about your construction project in Bangalore, enabling you to evaluate things like the methods of work and construction materials.

Make Sure They Have Their Local Address

Make sure that your contractor has an address local to them. This must be an actual address. Don’t hire a person who does business on a door-to-door basis. This will protect you from falling victim to potential frauds in which a contractor begins the project only to disappear without providing an address to locate. In addition, ensuring that the address is located in your area means that this contractor is close and can quickly return should there is any issue regarding their work.

Ensure Contractor Is Licensed

Before you even consider having the services of a contractor provide a commercial construction estimate, it is necessary to inquire about the details of their license. Remarkably, they must have an official general contractor’s license, at the very least. Since general contractors usually “sub out” parts of the job, you’ll need to ensure that anyone they bring to the construction site is also licensed for the task.

Ensure Contractor Is Insured 

It is recommended to ensure the commercial contractors are insured, licensed and bonded might appear to be standard practice; however, there are fly-by-night contractors who try to reduce costs by not bothering to apply for the certificate of insurance or by not purchasing the proper amount of insurance required for their work. Several States in India require general contractors to carry insurance for workers’ compensation and to obtain bonds, or both, to be licensed. A quick search on Google will find your state’s laws.

Provides A Clear Contract

Get your contractor’s written contract. Make sure you understand the contract before work commences. The significance of this can’t be overemphasized. If you don’t, you could end up in the middle of hidden costs and work schedules that are not completed and work that is not met. The contract should clearly state exactly what work is to be completed and when it will be finished and also breaks down the costs in terms of labour and materials. If there are any changes to the plan, regardless of how minor it is, ensure that the contract is appropriately changed to include them.

Ensure Contractor Is Bonded

The significance of locating a commercially bonded contractor isn’t always realized. When a contractor has been bonded, they have been granted a surety bond. Surety bonds are a type of insurance that protects the owner of the construction project. Contractors purchase the surety bond, and if they fail to finish the construction on time, the property owner will be paid out of the bond.

Check Contractor Review Sites

Google and Facebook both provide ways for users to evaluate a contractor’s previous work, and these could be a good starting point in analyzing a commercial contractor’s past work. There’s also a wide variety of review websites and directories, including Angie’s List, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Houzz and HomeAdvisor. Be aware that it’s much more manageable for an individual to take the time to write an unfavourable review than a positive one. Therefore, be sure to read the full range of available reviews.

Ask for References

Are you having trouble finding online reviews of commercial construction companies in Bangalore? Request the contractor to provide several references and contact information from previous Commercial construction jobs. The majority of professional contractors have these references in their waiting. If they cannot comply with the request for references, that’s an excellent warning to stay away from that particular contractor. When you’ve obtained the references, you can call them to inquire whether the commercial contractor you’re considering hiring in Bangalore is a good fit. Other questions worth asking the contacts of your contractor should focus on the type of work they have done as well as their punctuality, credibility of their qualifications, their communication abilities and lastly if the project was within or over budget.

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