X Flooring Options. Which Is Best For You?

X Flooring Options. Which Is Best For You?

Few home features blend function and form quite as flooring. You walk over it, yet it’s an important design element that is equally striking visually as furniture and painted colors. It’s not just the amount you’ll need to invest, particularly in the case of a complete renovation across your entire house. It’s not far behind the cost of a new vehicle or all-new kitchen appliances, but most people aren’t armed with nearly as much information.Flooring plays a crucial role in the appearance and function of a house. Experts have tested and evaluated timeless flooring options like stone and wood and more modern options such as engineered wood and vinyl flooring introduced during the 70s. In recent years, experts have been following the growth in the popularity of more materials, such as concrete and porcelain, with a wood look.Our flooring guide will take you through all possibilities and the introductory pricing details for the best kinds of flooring to fit your home. Remember that many homes are equipped with various flooring based on the space and your requirements. Our recommendation for flooring hasn’t changed over the past century: Spend more time in your home’s traffic-prone and high-visibility areas while choosing low-cost, durable floors all over the place.


Marble is a natural material that is found throughout India. A symbol of extravagance and luxury, It is available in a range of shades, including grey, pink and white, and is one of the most popular home flooring options.It is highly porous and straightforward to maintain, with some lasting for more than 25 years. This makes it the ideal flooring choice for the interiors of homes. But, specific stones of poor quality tend to become yellow as time passes. Due to its innate nature and the limited supply compared to other flooring options, it’s expensive and thus acts as a “status symbol” for many Indian households.Marble tiles are sold on the market starting at between Rs 200 and Rs 800 per sq. foot. Dependent on the type of marble you’re looking for. It will cost you from Rs 150 to Rs 250 per sq. feet. for the installation. If you have marble flooring and want to revive its beauty, polishing it will cost you between Rs 60 and Rs 100 per sqft


When you’re installing the floor of wood in a brand new home and replacing one broken beyond repair, hundreds of different species are available, including the most trusted domestic species, like maple and oak, as well as exotic species, like acacia or tamarind. There’s also a range of widths–whether broad planks with rustic designs or narrow strips. You can also stain colors that allow you to customize the flooring to your home’s design and style.Thanks to the advancement of adhesives, various species can be found in the form of “engineered” boards. Constructed from a stable layer of veneers, instead of solid flooring, engineered floors can be installed in areas where it was not practical to set up wood before for radiant floor heating systems, concrete, or in basements.Hardwood flooring costs range from Rs 125 to Rs 660 per square foot, based on the thickness of the wood, species, and grade. Particular prefinished solid wood and engineered wood floorings are DIY-friendly. However, if you plan to employ a professional installer, add Rs 165 per square foot, the minimum.


Vinyl flooring is among India’s most commonly used kinds of flooring. It’s another flexible alternative for those looking for elegant options at a reasonable price. It is available in styles that resemble stones and wood finishes. Vinyl is among the comparatively inexpensive alternatives to think about. Water-proof and stain-resistant, it is among the most durable kinds of flooring that are available.Vinyl can be the most suitable flooring for home interiors in India. It requires specific attention to safeguard the flooring from scratches. If you are searching for a warm and comfortable material that resembles the look of cold flooring materials such as stone, find vinyl the best option. The only drawback is the possibility of discoloration when it comes in touch with rubber.These tiles are sold for around Rs 70-150 per sq. feet. and labor costs are approximately 50 cents per sq. ft.


Laminate flooring first came onto the scene of flooring for homes several decades ago as an easy-to-install stylish, durable, and attractive alternative to hardwood flooring. The flooring technology has advanced exponentially since then, with higher quality, sharper images, more embossing, efficient seaming mechanisms, and many other advancements.The average cost of laminate flooring in plastic can range from Rs 84 to around Rs 250 per square foot in large-box home stores. However, you can pay as high as Rs 830 or Rs 950 for a square foot of designer flooring. Various top laminates are found at a reasonable price of between Rs 165 and Rs 250. The prices vary and depend on the wear layer’s depth and its quality printing layer. Given the price an excellent idea to purchase the highest quality laminate flooring available.Since it is simple flooring to set up, it is also costly. Nationally, the average price for a laminate flooring installation–materials plus labor–is only about Rs 415 per square foot. This makes laminate flooring one of the most inexpensive materials–comparable to a mid-level carpet. Hardwood flooring, in contrast, it can cost between Rs 1250 and Rs 1650 per square foot to put in.


In terms of flooring options, granite is a beautiful alternative. Natural stone that is available in a wide range of colors on the Indian market, the granite flooring can add a touch of elegance to any space. Because of its stain resistance and toughness, it’s one type of flooring that is simple to keep clean. You need to shield the flooring from scratch marks. It is cool throughout all seasons and is among the top flooring options for homes in India.Granite flooring can be purchased at Rs 150 to Rs 400 for sq. feet. Plus, an additional cost for labor between Rs 120 and Rs 200 sq. ft.


Concrete slabs of plain design have been used as flooring materials for garages, basements, utility spaces, and patios for years, however concrete is now an acceptable material for homes, as they can also be polished or etched or stained, to be used as the flooring surface. Suppose you’re typically considering concrete as a surface that is only suitable for surfaces intended for use in practical surfaces. In that case, the numerous advantages of concrete’s use as a flooring material might be a shock. Concrete can be used to create the most beautiful and vibrant flooring you’ve ever seen, even though they’re not the best design fit for every house.The cost of installing concrete floors can differ significantly due to the numerous finishes to choose from. Prices can vary between Rs 165 and Rs 2500 per square foot for simple floors to as high as Rs 2500 for floors that are artistically rendered to the highest quality.


Bamboo is a natural material, and the types of flooring made from it are similar to hardwood flooring. It is among those kinds of flooring that are pretty easy to maintain because it is stain and water-resistant and gives your house an elegant look.The only thing that could ruin the gorgeous appearance of bamboo floors is the inevitable scratches that will get a spot on the floor. In humid weather, the bamboo planks of bamboo expand, and this flooring is ideal for moderately dry weather.The cost of bamboo flooring in India ranges from Rs 150 to 300 rupees per sq. feet. and is available for as low as 80 rupees per sq. ft.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile could be the sole flooring material used in any space of your home. It is most commonly utilized in bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, mudrooms, and other areas prone to traffic. Many homes, particularly in warmer climates, utilize tiles for significant effect in bedrooms and living spaces.Ceramic tile is one of the cheapest flooring options, with prices starting just under Rs 415 for a square foot for budget-friendly tiles and DIY installations. But, once you progress to more attractive tiles, a professional tile flooring installation could cost as much or even more than high-quality hardwood flooring.


Of all the flooring types, Linoleum is a green alternative made from natural materials such as linseed oil dust, cork, and resin. It is a cost-effective and adaptable (in the sense of style) flooring choice, and it is trendy for Indian homes. But, the surface is susceptible to scratches and scratches caused by careless use. This is why you should choose these types of flooring in areas with low traffic.Linoleum flooring is priced from Rs 80 to 300 per sq. feet. and can be put in for Rs 70 per sq. ft.


While cork floors have been used for a long time, it has only recently come to prominence in a significant way because it is a “green” renewable resource that can be utilized without the anxiety that comes with using high-quality wood from old-growth forests or tropical rainforests.Cork flooring tiles or planks vary from Rs165- Rs990 each square foot based upon the weight of the flooring, the quality of the cork, and the finishing standard. The cost of professional installation is quite affordable, with an average cost of Rs165 for each square foot. The national average to cover a 100-square-foot area using cork flooring is Rs78,500 or Rs785 for each square foot. It’s comparable to what bamboo flooring costs and are slightly less than most hardwood flooring. However, unlike bamboo and hardwood installation, cork flooring is a simple DIY project that allows homeowners to cut back on the installation fees of a professional.


Our experts pay close attention to the market to find the flooring products you can discover at showrooms in independent showrooms, at-home centers, and on the internet. Our engineers analyze technical data from manufacturers on performance, safety, and sustainability. In addition, when possible, we employ the flooring materials in actual installations in consumer test subjects’ homes to test how they perform in real-world conditions.

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