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Project Details

The plot is East facing with Size 2275 Sqft with built up of 3400 Sqft.

The client requirement stated the provision of a courtyard with five bedrooms and a family space. This led the architects to work on a unique interpretation of the traditional idea of a courtyard with the house evolving around it. The house revolves around the niche created in the center that is a nucleus connecting all the areas that seem to open up towards it. A play of light and shade is evident throughout the residence via the use of pergolas and design features incorporated within the plan. The ground floor houses most of the formal, semi-formal spaces with only the Parent’s Bedroom as the private space included. The double height living room acts as the central space and opens into the family cum library room. The Prayer space at the entrance welcomes the visitor inside. The dining and the kitchen are also incorporated within the ground floor plan. The first floor, on the other hand, houses three bedrooms-the Master Bedroom, the Daughter’s Room and the Son’s Room. The second floor consists of one bedroom. Aesthetics and functionality seamlessly fuse together to weave the fabric of this unique house.


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