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The plot is north facing with Size 8000 Sqft with built up of 16000 Sqft.

The elements used in the design of the façade perfectly balance the exteriors, bringing in harmony and allowing the project to stand out. A clean geometry is what defines the bold exterior of the residence Simplicity speaks volumes in this unique, yet connectable project planned and executed. The façade is defined by strong frames that highlight the different facets of the exteriors, bringing them to the fore. The entrance doorway is marked by such a frame and a white overhang that allows it to stand out. Full height windows further enhance the overall design, adding a touch of delicacy to the strong design language of the façade. Lavish views of the interiors are visible from the outside, enticing the onlooker and giving the residence another stand out element. The night time illumination brightens up the entire façade with warmth exuding out of the interiors. Intuitive lighting design adds to the overall aura of the space. The transparency afforded by the windows is contrasted against the solid volumes of space offered by the residence exteriors. The entire façade is clad with tiles from Laminam. The residence itself is planned in such a way that maximum garden space is achieved. The front and the left garden are connected together to form a large landscaped area


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