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Contemporary design refers to the current and popular designs of the moment. Hallmarks of this design style include clean, curved lines, natural materials, stark contrasts, cool tones, and attention to quality. An ethos of intentionality is the focus of this aesthetic point of view.

Traditional Design


Traditional homes here are known for their steep roofs to counter heavy rains, tall pillars, vast courtyards, and 'gabled' windows. The 'nalukettu', 'ettukettu', and 'pathinarukettu' are all classic house designs that are based on the number of blocks and courtyards.
Fusion House Design


Fusion architecture is a mindset rather than a style, a strategy that stands for an inventive way of mixing and interconnecting present and past, East and West, tradition and innovation, and high and low culture.


The concept of minimalist architecture is to strip everything down to its essential quality and achieve simplicity. The idea is not completely without ornamentation, but that all parts, details, and joinery are considered as reduced to a stage where no one can remove anything further to improve the design
Mediterranean Design


Mediterranean Revival is an architectural style introduced in the United States, Canada, and certain other countries in the 19th century. It incorporated references from Spanish Renaissance, Spanish Colonial, Italian Renaissance, French Colonial, Beaux-Arts, Moorish architecture, and Venetian Gothic architecture.
Colonial Design


Similar to the Portuguese, the British transformed their native Saracenic or
Gothic style to suit India’s context. The Indo-Gothic architecture is characterized by pointed arches, vaulted ceilings, full-height stained-glass windows, flying buttresses, domes, turrets, spires, and ornate facade decorations.

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