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Choosing the right colour plan for your house isn’t easy, but it can be equally challenging. According to experts, the wall colour should be matched or highlight the individuality of the home and the residents. Although many homeowners prefer to choose wall colours by Vastu, you can pick the colour scheme based on your personal preferences and the room’s function and furniture. This article will provide all you should be aware of regarding wall colours, trends in wall colours, and various house painting colour combinations that you can select from.We will list 10 appealing exterior colour combinations for Indian homes. This can assist you in choosing the most suitable exterior paints for your dream home. 

1.Blue, Yellow, And Grey

Who says that too many colours make a terrible impression? Colours for exteriors, when utilised correctly, can make a huge difference. If you saw some pictures then it will give you ideas for exciting colours for your exterior home.Yellow is strategically painted to improve the atmosphere of the home. If you’re using the same colours to decorate your exterior, ensure they are at the correct ratio. If you put these 3 colours together then it will surely give a classic look to your interior.

2. Peach and White

The Indian house having exteriors with peach and white colour exemplifies sophistication and class. The colour combination of white and peach on the exterior is elegant. The colour scheme is clean and crisp.Peach, which is used in large quantities, is balanced by white. The roofs of houses match the exterior colours of the home. The light colours of the house, accentuated by the lush green garden and blue pool, are just perfect. Homeowners who aren’t comfortable using striking colours for their homes’ exteriors must consider this colour combination design.

3. Indigo and white Indigo

Indian homes reflect a distinctness. If you consider the exterior colour of the houses white is the predominant hue, with indigo accents adding a unique look to the home. The little brown flecks give more depth to the exterior of the home.Although white is often used in the colour palette, the perfect mix of Indigo won’t make our eyes drawn to the white. The exterior painting of the house is in harmony with the contemporary style of Indians.

4. Cream and red

Several Indian houses are decorated with red-tile roofs. It reflects warmth, tradition and desi spirit. The home coloured with these combinations will be an exciting mix of modern and traditional. Traditional red tiles with stained windows and wooden pillars are paired with classic cream-coloured paintings.This classic and modern combination of colours in the home’s exterior is an excellent choice for the young and old of the family. Consider these colours if you prefer painting monochrome hues in your home but don’t want your home to appear dull.

5. White and yellow

The yellow and white hues are commonly used for the exteriors of a lot of Indian houses. In the stunning house as we can imagine the enduring mustard yellow hue is broken up by white windows and red-shingle roofing to give it a stunning look.The skilful usage of the white-trimmed windows surrounded by painted growth provides an appealing appearance to the home. The red roof adds a touch to the exterior of the home.

6. Grey, white, and Mauve

If you’re looking for an elegant and soft look while not making them feel unwelcome, look at the colour scheme for your living room. The grey-toned shades of Mauve are neither too dark nor feminine. Mix this with grey (on the carpet of fur) or white (on the moulding on the walls), and the overall look becomes softer.If the moulding on your wall is not enough is not your thing, consider introducing white to the living room’s colour scheme by using tabletops, pouffes or even the floor lamp.

7. Black and white

Yes, there is black and white! Monochrome can be as striking as it is simple. If you keep all walls white, your area will appear more spacious. You can also choose black walls using a mix of grey, white, and black furniture — the appearance is more striking.Incorporate patterns into your cushions or wall art, as well as the carpets, to keep the appearance of the space fluid and not stale. It is also possible to add mirrors or metal accents and silver or gold to add some elegance. If you’re looking for an elegant look, put a vase of Fuschia or a planter in yellow.

8. Brown and green

The colours brown and green work well in the woods. They will look great and be great in your living space too. This is particularly relevant if you are drawn to warmer colours, a cosy atmosphere and natural texture.Let these colours work for you by using a lot of wood and many plants to components that help give you the colours and necessary textures.

9. White and Grey

The majority of Indian exteriors of houses are painted with combinations of white. Most people choose colours that provide insulation from the subtropical summer heat. Some duplex house models are painted in soft grey and white. A few small pieces of mustard yellow bring a zing to the home.The doors and windows are well-painted in rosewood to give a lively look. Grey and white are an appropriate combination of colours most suitable for the exteriors of Indian homes.

10. White, Dark Brown along with Light Brown Orange

The exterior painting of a home coloured with these great paint combinations sets an ideal tone for people who are nature lovers and want to integrate their home with the surroundings. The painting shows a classy style. The exterior colours are intriguingly mixed. Dark brown is the dominant colour. It is complemented by a dark brown-orange white hue adding an incredible brightness to the entire home.The house is green in its design and perfectly matches the lush greenery around it. White shines through the home, and the dark brown-orange adds a touch of elegance. The overall effect of the house shows the natural beauty typical of wealthy Indian homes.


Suppose you examine some of the other expensive houses around the globe. In that case, you’ll notice that due to their enormous dimensions, their exteriors are painted in soothing colours and colours that are simple to keep clean, i.e. do not show dirt and wear quickly. If you own a huge home, consider this when selecting exterior colours for your house. If you select brighter colours, it may attract attention from strangers towards your house, so it is essential to strike the perfect balance.The homes in India differ in many ways, which is not the case in other countries where homes are mass-produced, and thus have a certain uniformity. Bricks in white, brown and yellow are standard in Indian homes. But the exterior colours make each home unique and distinguish it from other houses. It is possible to check your bedroom’s wall colour to find the ideal hue for your home.This is a listing of colour combinations outside for Indian homes, and we hope that you find one that matches your tastes. You can go to HR Construction Solutions for more deals and save hundreds of dollars on Indian colours for your house outside your home. If you require assistance choosing the most appropriate exterior paint combinations, contact the professionals through HR Construction Solutions. They can show you a variety of combinations and samples that you can check out the appearance on your wall before you choose.

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