Never Make These 12 Mistakes When Building A New Home

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Do you have a visual of your dream home in mind? And are you ready to start building it? Although you know what you want and need in your home, you haven’t considered what you need or don’t need. Are you sure you have considered all aspects of the situation? Although you have thought about what you want in your dream home, have you considered what might not work? So here are some things that you should never do while building your home.

1. Avoiding Care Of Your HVAC System

This can cause problems with mould growth and moisture. This could lead to serious health problems. You should also pay concentration on the size and shape of your units. A model that is too small won’t heat or cool your home effectively and will result in lower working performance. You’ll regret this mistake when your home gets too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Those that are too big will use too much of energy.

 2. Start The Project Without All The Professionals You Need

You will disburse a lot of time screening home builders, architects and general contractors.Although research can take time, having the right team working together will save you time and money in the long term. Some of your professionals may have worked with each other before. This makes the design-build process more efficient and faster.HR Construction Solutions is a renowned in-house turnkey construction company in Bangalore that says that not every lot is perfect. If a perfect lot were available, a professional builder might have bought it before it was posted. You must ensure that the land you’re buying can be built upon. You can’t build your house without both. And when it comes to construction professionals, HR Construction Solutions is the name you should consider while building your dream home.

 3. Work With The Wrong Builder

The biggest blunder you can make when choosing a builder is to choose the wrong one—research builders who can make your dreams of a wraparound porch or fairytale turret a reality.Talk to other homeowners in your area to find out their experiences with home builders. Read online reviews and check references. Browse their portfolios to determine if your style is similar. For more insight, plan to visit the sites of past projects in person.Consider consulting HR Construction Solutions, and we have 11+ years of experience in constructing custom homes and commercial buildings in Bangalore and nearby cities.

 4. Overall Poor Planning

Your lifestyle and habits should be considered when designing your dream home. What length of time will you be living or staying in the home? Are you able to provide safety features for younger or new children? You might need to consider your future needs as you age and retire. Think long-term to see where you’ll be in the future and what you’ll need from your home.Take your time, think about what is good for you, and take professional help for a better idea and plan.

 5. Thinking You Can Do It All

Although it may be pleasing to try and run a construction company on your own, you should not. When you’re building your dream home, you need professional help. You don’t have the time or enough required resources to manage construction.A general contractor is like a coach for a team. They gather bids and connect with subcontractors to ensure that all work is completed on time, within budget, and within the agreed deadlines. They are also connected to the industry and have solid relationships with subcontractors (plumbers and electricians). Because they want repeat business, these local subcontractors are willing to do exceptional work within a limited budget.Don’t be alarmed; there are many home-building decisions to make. There will be many opportunities to direct the construction’s progress. Or you can hire HR Construction Solutions, which provides in-house construction services that ease your work and let you implement what you planned smoothly.

 6. Expecting Zero Schedule Delays

As the weeks go by, it’s difficult not to be excited about move-in. New construction is known for being unpredictable. There are many reasons to expect delays, including bad weather, out-of-stock materials and government red tape. Work with your general contractor for your custom home construction to create a schedule that includes extra days to ensure a timely finish.

 7. Budget Cutting Throughout the Project

This sounds like a dream of a dream home come true: A builder who will build your dream home for a lesser amount less and two months quicker than other bidders. But how? However, a builder might offer a lower price for a signed contract and then add on costs as the project progresses.They might also use lower-quality materials to make up the difference. You can dig deeper to find why one bid is lower than the others.Either way, you can choose HR Construction Solutions for moderate project deals and information transparency throughout the construction process.

 8. Skip The Inspection Or Ignore The Punch List

This is a great step in the building process. Don’t make costly mistakes. Hire a professional home inspector to inspect the progress. You could save money if you have small problems that turn into major ones.This is also true for punch lists. This checklist can identify any issues needing attention before the deal is complete. Even small problems can become big problems later. Everything from broken light switches to scratched cabinets is what you’re searching for. When building a new house, allow yourself enough time to locate everything you need. The builder may not have noticed them, and they will correct them.

 9. Not Staying Organised

When building a home, there is a lot to remember. It is important to organise everything. You should create a file to store your paperwork, an electronic communication folder, a calendar and reminders. Also, make sure you have space for samples.

10. Not Communicating Properly

A home building project requires electricians, painters, and inspectors. Stay connected and communicate clearly–particularly with your builder, who will most likely manage all the details.Ask them whatever comes to your mind, clear every doubt and make sure you are out of confusion.

 11. Don’t Do Your Research

People don’t do sufficiently required research before buying a house. To get an idea of your desired home, visit open houses and home shows, and browse magazines or online. Make a list of photos, samples, and other ideas you would like to include in your new home. Although it is helpful to have input from your builder, you may feel overwhelmed by your decisions.

 12. Not Being Realistic

It is easy to forget the reason behind custom homes. Be realistic with your budget, as costs can change. Because homes don’t get built overnight, it is important to be realistic about the timeline. It all depends on the schedules and interests of many different people. Be realistic about what you can and cannot do in a home. There are restrictions and building codes that must be followed, as well as structural issues.


It is natural for an ordinary person to make a mistake in a different field in which they don’t have expertise. So it is always better to take help from a professional house construction company. HR Construction Solutions is a leading in-house turnkey construction company in Bangalore. Get a free consultation now and get the best quotation now. 

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